The Rosack Group, LLC conducted a comprehensive security assessment without fee, in the public interest, pursuant to C.R.S. §§ 12-58.5-105 (1) (b), (f) and (n).  The assessment effort is designated ARDENT KAITLYN and is composed of assessments of schools in Colorado, Florida, and Texas.  The study consisted of observation, photography, citizen contact, geospatial mapping, surveillance, and other activities.  The assessment focused on access control, operations, personal protection, and physical security.  

Operation ARDENT KAITLYN assessed 282 schools in 20 school districts in three states from January 2014 to August 2018 with a total area of 3,816 square miles with a student population of approximately 201,073 schoolchildren and a staff population of 16,897.  The total population assessed is approximately 217,970 people.  Investigators expended 15,818 manhours and traveled 5,661 air and land miles collecting approximately 242.90 GB of compressed data composed of 1,174 photographs, 69 hours and 50 minutes of video, 181 aerial/satellite imagery photos in 3,865 data files.

Our report was provided to appropriate law enforcement agencies on December 20, 2018.

All 282 schools assessed share three critical exploitable vulnerabilities: 
Weapons can be introduced beyond the primary security perimeter; kinetic attack vulnerabilities are easily exploited, and homicide, assault, and kidnapping are remarkably easy.
We found no barrier, policy, procedure, or defense employed by any of the schools assessed capable of preventing a determined malicious actor from enacting a mass casualty event at a time and method of the malicious actor’s choosing. Current security deterrents and defenses cannot prevent nor reduce the severity of the mass casualty event except by coincidence.  A malicious actor can introduce a firearm, IED, and vehicle to commit homicide on school grounds and abduct or commit homicide on or off school grounds at will. The most effective deterrent and negation strategy is an armed random mobile patrol outside of school real estate patrolling the real property boundary continuously.
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