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Our Mission

The Rosack Group, LLC is self-funded and devotes its most energy on school security to passionately advocate for the safety and security of our schools and schoolchildren through:

• Consulting 
• Enforcement 
• Intelligence 
• Investigations 
• Patrol 
• Penetration Testing 
• Risk Mitigation. ​
• Surveillance 

Our efforts have been recognized by The Best of Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 2015 and the Best of Fountain. Colorado in 2018.

Threats are not seasonal, nor are  we. Our investigators and analysts devote their attention to keeping the public safe year round. The best security strategy is If You See Something, Say Something. If you have a concern, tell us immediately.



Urgent projects



Kids Matter

Yet, anyone who wants to hurt our kids can do so at will.

We are conducting a study of every school shooting since 1764 to develop forecasting tools for school districts and law enforcement. This will enable proactive security measures during periods of higher risk allowing schools, colleges, universities, and law enforcement to proactively protect our educational environment. Click here for early results....

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The Rosack Group, LLC is a physical presence for public safety and security of individuals, businesses, homes, colleges and especially schools and schoolchildren. Through surveillance and analysis we detect threats, develop mitigation strategies to deter attacks, resulting in denying harm to you, your  kids, and community by partnering with jurisdictional law enforcement agencies.

Some of the work that we do

The Rosack Group, LLC